Are you fond of taking photographs? If so, can you consider yourself a photographer? Well, you will find out after reading this article. The term photographer emanated from the Greek word phos which means light and graphe for drawing. Hence, these two words are combined to form the meaning-drawing with light. Basically, a photographer is someone who is inclined to taking photographs.

Photography commands diverse definitions of photography as illuminated in professional and amateur

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context. To cite the difference between the two, a professional photographer is someone who is engaged to taking photographs with the purpose of earning money. Normally, this is done by displays, use or sales of photographs. On the other hand, an amateur photographer is someone who captures photographs for pleasure purposes. Oftentimes, he is after recording a certain emotion, event or person with not monetary goals.

However, majority the photography projects are considered as preparatory to other events. In addition to that, it can also be an integral part of a job role of a certain person. Say for instance, photography is very important in crime detective purposes, local reporters and photographers in ships. Also, professional photography may suggest preparation. Say for example, professional photographers use necessary photographic skills in an academic study. In connection to this, there is no required registration for the status of a professional photographer.

An employee may also assume the status of a professional photographer. One example of which is that someone who is employed can also contract for events just like in graduation or wedding. There are also those that engage to freelance as well as fine art photography with the mission of selling or displaying pictures. Essentially, photography is also considered as vital element in the art work of other workers including journalists, estate agents and policemen.

Photographers can also be categorized according to the subject of their photos. There are some photographers who are working with typical subjects such as still life, landscape and portraiture. Also, there are other photographers who deal with unique subject such as fashion photography, wedding photography and street photography.

Selling of photographs

Selling photos

The photos that are featured in television advertising, magazine covers, greeting cards and other related platforms are generally for profitable cause. As of the process of buying the photos, the customer can work directly with the photographer or ask for help from a company. To market his products, a photographer usually works on contact detail. Also, had has to work on a certain parameter of the photograph. With this, the photographer needs to indicate the exact controls about the frequency of the usage of the photograph in a certain territory. This is often called as the usage fee. Usage fees are distinguished from production fee. If the photographer wants to extend the use of the photo, additional royalty and contracts are also required.

As of the duration of the contract, the photographer may opt for annual terms. However, there are also other options available. Usually, the photographer imposes royalty payments as well as one time structure fee based on the contracts. Meanwhile, the contracts may be intended for non-exclusive usage of the photo. This means that the photographer has the right to sell the photo for more than a single usage in the year given in the terms of contract. Also the contract may also be used for the stipulation of the photographer to do the auditing and determination of the structure fees.

There are lots of royalties out there. Usually, it depends on the industry that aims to buy and use the photo. Say for instance, royalties that are intended for television or poster marketing command higher use compared to limited brochure. A royalty can also be based on the size of the photograph that is to be used. Cover photos usually entail higher fees compared to other parts of the magazines or books.

Photographs that are captured by photographers who work on assignment are handled by companies. However, this might not be applicable when the photographer is stipulated by terms of contracts. Professional wedding and portrait photographers are usually commanded by terms of contract. In this way, they are able to retain copyrights of their woks. Meaning, they are also able to sell the prints to the customer. Conversely, the customer will not be able to reproduce the prints in other means. If they wish to do so, it is a must that they should discuss things with the photographer for variable options beforehand. However, customers should keep in mind that the pass of the copyright may command a higher up-front structure fee.

There are also major firms that allow customer to avail of stock photos. With the advent of the modern world, online catalogues of images have appeared. Because of this, it has opened an avenue for the photographers to market their products online in the fastest and most convenient way. However there is usually lesser amount of money due to the absence of royalties and the control over the usage of the photograph. Meanwhile, the works of commercial photographers can also be promoted with the application of print as well as online marketing platform.